After years of working for a large firm of tax agents, I realized that there were people who couldn't manage the old way of visiting tax agents in their offices.

But there were issues.

They did not wish to communicate their tax affairs by email with someone they had never met.

They were just irritated and confused by a client portal which required remembering yet another user name and password.

They did not wish to rely on somebody else to visit the tax agent for them and present their information. As a tax agent myself, I have always found this method rather daunting as I really felt that the person who owns the information can most easily answer my questions effectively.

This left one method. I would, voluntarily, visit people to pick up their information and then deliver the return for signing. Eventually, however, I realized that there were so many of them, if would be better for me to focus on that as a business.

So, whether you are not as mobile as you once were, or you are a carer for somebody else and you cannot easily leave them for a while or even if you just can't get there, I can pick up your information and discuss it with you in your own home. I will return to my own premises to prepare the return and then return it to you for signing.

If you are not in this category, but don't have time to visit an agent, I am happy to have a Skype meeting with you. Contact me for details.